Monday, 27 October 2014

Work about to begin on pedestrian refuge on the A4 near Wigmore Lane, #Theale

I am pleased to see that work is about to begin on the pedestrian refuge on the A4 near the end of Wigmore Lane, Theale.

The refuge will make it much easier for Wigmore Lane residents to cross the A4 to get to Theale village or the bus stop. The work is being done as a result of the petition I raised a few months ago.

Alan Macro
Councillor for Theale

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Graffiti cleaned off #Theale Church, then it was graffitied again

The graffiti in the archway under the tower of Holy Trinity Church was cleaned off, and the walls painted, on Friday. More graffiti was then written on the newly painted walls on Friday afternoon:

If you saw anyone acting suspiciously around the church at that time, please inform the police on 101.

Alan Macro
Councillor for Theale

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Building of 30 flats on Trafalgar Court site in Play Platt, #Theale, starts in earnest

A tower crane has now been erected on the old Trafalgar Court site in Play Platt, Theale:

This should mean that building work is now starting in earnest. Many residents in Englefield Road thought that the foundations were being put in in the wrong place as they were much closer to their back garden fences that the plans suggested. The West Berkshire Council Planning Enforcement Officer investigated at my request and found that they were in the correct position in relation to the houses. He said that the plans did not show the correct position of the fences.

Alan Macro
Councillor for Theale

Start made on improving disabled access to Holy Trinity Church, #Theale

The handrails on the first slight of steps have now been extended:

They used to stop before the top step was reached.

The top flight does not have any handrails at all. Handrails will soon be installed, however, thanks to a grant I got from West Berkshire Council.

Alan Macro
Councillor For Theale

Sorry, no #Theale High Street walk-about today. Alan Macro will be on a training course

Sorry, but I will not be doing my regular Theale High Street walk-about today. I will be on a training course in Reading.

Alan Macro
Councillor for Theale

Friday, 17 October 2014

What has happened to the planning application for 6 flats in St Ives Close, #Theale

I hadn't heard anything for a while about planning application 14/00549/FULD to build a block of six flats on the old Le Claire Precision/Not Just Cleaning site in St Ives Close. A resident said that he had not been able to find it on the West Berkshire Council. I couldn't find it, either. I therefore asked the Eastern Team Leader in the Council's Planning Department about the application. He has replied that the application was ruled invalid and there is no current application for the site.

Alan Macro
Councillor for Theale

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Six new apprenticeship posts announced by #WestBerks Council

Date: 14 October 2014

Six new apprenticeship posts announced

The autumn round of apprentice recruitment has been launched by West Berkshire Council. The council works in partnership with West Berkshire Training Consortium (WBTC) to help apprentices achieve an Intermediate Apprenticeship award during their year in employment.

Alan Law, West Berkshire's Executive Councillor for Human Resources,  said: "I'm delighted by the continued success of West Berkshire's apprenticeship scheme. Our scheme is a great way to earn while learning and get young people on the ladder to real career opportunities."

The apprenticeships on offer are for the roles of:

Parking officer;
Activity worker;
Trading Standards Administrator;
Library Assistant;
Waste Management;
Licensing Administrator.

Visit for further information and details on how to apply.
Applicants are advised to search using the term ‘Apprentice’ in the keyword section on the West Berkshire Council vacancy home page.

From October 1 2014, apprentices will receive the National Minimum Wage; £3.79 per hour if under 18, increasing to £5.13 per hour if aged 18 to 20 years old.

Please note due to government funding restrictions, West Berkshire Council will only accept applications from those aged 16 - 19 years old on the start date of apprenticeship.
WBTC can provide applicants with advice and guidance on:
1.     How to apply on line
2.     The best way to present your skills and experience
3.     What is involved in a West Berkshire Council Apprenticeship
4.     How to prepare if you get an interview with West Berkshire Council
 Contact Jaskiran at WBTC on 01635 35975 or email her on to arrange.